This is all I'm going to say, you know what I mean.

curatorial project This is all I’m going to say, you know what I mean. (Feb. 2015)


This is all I’m going to say, you know what I mean is a group exhibition that brings together eight artists from both UK and China. Their artworks range across traditional oil paintings, multimedia works, Chinese ink paintings and contemporary sculptures, with a common theme of commenting on opacity in language, particularly in a “critical realistic spirit”. This exhibition provided an opportunity for cross-fertilisation between artists from the UK and China, the project will continue in Beijing and Tangshan in China. The artworks from the Chinese artists in this exhibition expressed a positive critical-realism spirit --- the struggling from the modernized society, the worrying for the damaged environment by the over-speed industrial development, the exploration of the human nature, and the discussion on consciousness and unconsciousness, etc. The strong visual impact from their works descript different stories in China.

Texts of the Exhibition

All Chinese artists in this exhibition considered themselves as contemporary artists, their works are considered as contemporary in China. When I put the works together with British contemporary artists’, the different understanding of “contemporary” became obvious. After analysed their works, I found that the Chinese artists in this exhibition understand “contemporary” as “non-tradition”, which can be understood as “modern”, “post-modern” or “avant-garde”. These Chinese artists are either professors in art college or outstanding independent artists, their understanding on “contemporary” can represent the mainstream understanding on contemporary art in China.


Exhibition Documents