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Dates: 9 July ­– 30 September 2018

Time: 10am – 5pm  Monday to Friday

Venue: Library of China University of Mining and Technology

Address: No. Ding-11 Xueyuan Rd., Haidian District, Beijing, China.

Postcode: 100083

Curators: LIU Chunmei and Annie Xu 


Contemporary art is the extreme status of philosophical-turn of aesthetic art, it relies on artist’s idea on contemporaneity. Ontologically, ‘philosophical concept’ is metaphysical and thus it is trans-disciplinary, trans-medium, trans-spatial and trans-temporal. From the perspective of philosophy, everything remains to be itself by following certain principles of being itself, and all things in the world are connected by principles of the world. The principles of the world are like invisible chains, connect and affect all things together as an unbreakable unity. The concept of this ‘connected unity’ has been interpreted in both Chinese and Western classic philosophies, such as the philosophy of Tai Ji and the philosophy of Great Chain of Being. Today’s world seems more and more fractured by two trends – one trend is to strengthen the chain of connecting, the other is to break the connection with others and to limit freedom – they are exactly the two main meanings of the word ‘chain’. The question is, which meaning is better to us, to the world and to the earth – the only home of all human beings?