Text Art

Curation 2: Text·Art (Oct. 2015 in China)

Generate Idea: a transnational curatorial group exhibition, which gethers artists from UK and China, the exhibition is set in China. Artworks of this exhibition include

(1) contemporary text art (from UK artist and Chinese artist)

(2) Traditional Chinese artworks which consist Chinese characters

(3) Traditional Chinese calligraphy

(4) selected artists from the latst exhibition, whose new works are considered contemporary by artists themselves.

Methodology: reflective curation, philosophical reflection, comparative analysis, translation

Idea selection:

(1) understanding on the term of textuality

(2) understanding on the term of Chinese text art

Develop chosen ideas:

(1) Literature reviews on:

literary text and textuality,

contemporaneity and textuality of contemporary text art,

correlation analysis on text art, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese Modern Shuxiang

(2) research questions:

How to Interpret Textuality in Contemporary Text/Non-Text Art On Osborne’s Philosophical Basis?

How to interpret the terminology of Contemporary Chinese Text Art?

(3) output:

A contemporary QR code text artwork: Text (Chinese)

Documentation of artworks

Texts of the curation

Theories ideas:

(1) Philosopical concept of contemporary text art

(2) Contemporaneity and textuality of contemporary text art

Application of theories to next curation.