Contemporary Chinese Art

Curation 3: To Be Continued… (April 2017 in China)

Generate Idea: a transnational curatorial group exhibition in China, which gethers British and Chinese artists. Artists in this exhibition are selected by:

their generations: 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s

their backgraounds: British artist, Asian British artist, Chinese artist studied in UK, Chinese artist with visiting experience in UK or U.S., Chinese artist without overseas experience.

Among these artists, new works from two selected artists (one British and one Chinese) who joined both of my previous two exhibitions are selected in this curation for a continuous observation.

Artworks of this exhibition include contemporary art, text art and VR text art.

Methodology: reflective curation, philosophical reflection, comparative analysis, translation

Idea selection:

Understanding on the new world currents base on Terry Smith’s concept of contemporaneity

Understanding on new context of Chinese contemporary art

New understanding on contemporary Chinese text art

Develop chosen ideas:

(1) Literatuer review on:

Terry Smith’s theories on contemporaneity

Current dominate ideology of contemporary Chinese artists

Young generation of Chinese artists in the context of globalization

(2) Research questions:

How to understand the ideological context and currents with curatorial contemporary text art exhibition on Smith’s philosophical basis?

What new culture current can be learnt from the collisions of different understandings on contemporary text art between Western and Chinese?

(3) Output:

Contemporary text artworks:

Texts in a Text 1 (Chinese)

Texts in a Text 2 (Chinese and English)

Texts in Texts VR (Chinese and English)

Documentation of artworks

Texts of the curation

Theories ideas:

(1) VR text art: a new approach of contemporary practicing

(2) Texts in Text: unique textuality of Chinese ideographic compound characters

(3) The fourth current: a harmonious globalisation initiated by China