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Annie Xu


Annie Xu is a PhD candidate on contemporary art and curating in the University of Lincoln.

As a researcher, Xu attempts to explore the contemporaneity and textuality of contemporary Chinese text art and contemporary thinking of Chinese contemporary art.

As a curator, Xu leads her research with three transnational curatorial projects --- This Is All I’m Going to Say, You Know What I Mean (2015 in UK), Art ·Text (2015 in China) and To Be Continued… (2017 in China). Her study developed the theory of contemporaneity of contemporary Chinese art via the analysis on ideological chronological division and correlation of it, as well as contradictive ideologies in China’s unique context.

As a text artist, Xu created a series of Chinese text artworks to explore and examine new textuality of Chinese text art. 

As a translator, Xu has BA degree of English Language and MA degree of British and American Literature. She has also been a University lecturer on English language for 13 years. For her PhD research, Xu did a large amount of translation works, including modern English to modern Chinese, modern Chinese to English, and classic/ancient Chinese to modern English. 

Her recent research works on translation is to translate the interpretation of Fu Xi Ba Gua (伏羲八卦) from Book of Changes(易经)and important concepts of Dao De Jing (道德经) directly from scanned ancient books of Imperial Collection of Four Categories (钦定四库全书)into modern English.

To promote art communication between UK and China, Xu founded China-Anglo Art Communication Centre (CAACC). 

Xu also founded Lincoln's first personal VR art studio to explore new knowledge of contemporaneity with new technology.